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Emeritus Professor Peter Hall

MA, MPhil Oxon

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Room: 305

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Professional and Teaching Experience

Peter Hall has been a member of the School since it began work at ADFA in 1986. He was Head of the School of Business (formerly Economics and Management) 1997-2006 and became Emeritus Professor in 2008.

Research Interests

Professor Hall research interests lie in two broad and occasionally intersecting areas, in both of which he continues to publish. First, he has worked throughout his research career on innovation and technological change in economic systems and in this connection served as Associate Commissioner with the Productivity Commission on its inquiry into Research and Development, 1995. His book, Innovation, Economics and Evolution: Theoretical Perspectives on Changing Technology in Economic Systems (Harvester Wheatsheaf), was published in 1994. Second, he has published widely (in many cases with colleague Professor Stefan Markowski) on issues relating to defence industry, procurement and innovation, and defence industry policy. His book, Defence Procurement and Industry Policy: A Small Country Perspective, (co-authored and co-edited with Stefan Markowski and Robert Wylie) (Routledge), appeared in 2010. In an extension to this work, he is currently part of an international team undertaking research into the small arms industry and government policy on small arms proliferation.

Current Research

Professor Hall's current research in innovation relates to the role of various forms of isolation in shaping the development of new technologies and products. The work seeks to apply recent insights in the biological theory of speciation to enhancing understanding of the innovation process. He is also interested in the role of design and the evolution of the design industry in the innovation process. In the defence industry area, he is currently undertaking work on defence innovation systems, defence offsets and small arms policy.

Selected Recent Publications


Defence Procurement and Industry Policy: A Small Country Perspective, London, Routledge, 400pp., 2010. (Co-author and co-editor with S. Markowski and R. Wylie.)

Book Chapters and Journal Articles

“Policies for reducing firearm-related violence in developing countries”, International Journal of Development and Conflict  1(1) (2011), pp 41-59. (With S. Markowski and J. Brauer.)

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'Restructuring the production of small arms and light weapons', in Greene, O. and Marsh, N. (eds.), Small Arms, Crime and Conflict: Global Governance and the Threat of Armed Violence, London, Routledge, 2011. (With Dimitrov, D.)

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"Standards and intellectual property rights: an economic and legal perspective", Information Economics and Policy 16(1), 2004, pp. 67-90. (With G. Lea.)

Research Consultancy Reports:

Priority Industry Capabilities, Report for the Defence Materiel Organisation, Canberra.  2010. (With S. Markowski and R. Wylie)

Defence Industry Policy: Market Structure Factors, input into Defence White Paper consultancy report, Qinetiq, Canberra. 2009.  (With S. Markowski and R. Wylie.)