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Research at the School of Business reflects the wide array of disciplinary backgrounds of its academic staff members, many of whom have achieved international recognition for their research. The School has adopted an interdisciplinary approach essential for the study of business issues in a changing and uncertain world, drawing together work in economics, law, psychology, statistics, accountancy, finance, leadership analysis, history, education and project management.

Major Research Groups

Fragile States Project (FSP). Australia is surrounded by fragile states – i.e. those with weak governments and pervasive poverty where the potential for a breakdown in law and order are ubiquitous. Australia also has a long and proud history of providing assistance in supporting peacekeeping and peace-building operations. Our research draws on the experiences of rebuilding fragile states to develop lessons for our future teaching curriculum.

Governance, Change and Complexity. How should governments respond to situations of rapid change and growing complexity? The concept of governance, which deals with the exercise of collective power across boundaries, helps us to generate new approaches to the understanding of this challenge. Research in this space is both practically-oriented and theoretically informed, and covers Public Policy, Human Resource Management, and Leadership, Management and Cognition.

Managing Operations, Knowledge & Innovation (MOKI) encompasses diverse research activities linked by a common interest in how people manage skills and knowledge so as to achieve desired goals and objectives within the constraints of available resources. MOKI research activities share a common approach based on reflective practice, theory development, theory testing and application of theory to real problems.

Additional Research Activity at the School of Business includes Choice Modelling and Choice Experiments, and Management of Performance Enhancement.

Staff research interests can also be found on linked academic profile pages in our Contacts Directory.

Research Degrees

The School of Business offers opportunities for PhD and MPhil higher degree research in a stimulating environment. Students are not required to be Defence personnel. Current and completed HDR students and their areas of postgraduate research are listed in our Research Student Directory.